Fishing Packages

We have designed a variety of packages so you get the most from your fishing experience. If you have questions about any of these packages, feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

Fishing Packages

Full Day Fishing on Lewis, Columbia or Willamette Rivers: $200 per angler
Buoy 10 Fishery at Astoria: $250 per angler
Crabbing: $100 per angler

Corporate & Family Favorite:  Full day of fishing and lunch at our private Lewis River Retreat:

  • 2 anglers $500
  • 3  angers $600
  • 4 anglers $800

Payment:  50% due upon date selection, remainder due on the day of the trip.  Refunds are available for cancellations made two weeks prior to the trip date. All funds will be applied to new date when selected.

About The Fish

KINGFISHER_ADVENTURES-24KING SALMON:  Largest of the salmon species, spring kings run March through June. Size range is 10 to 30 lb. with most fish 15 to 20 lb., best eating salmon in the world!  Fall kings run August through November.  Size range is 18 to 50 lb. with a few up in the 60 lb. range.  The fish on the left is 62 pounds!


SHAD-STURGEON-34SILVER SALMON: Silvers are more numerous than kings and voracious feeders in the salt water. They can be tough to catch once they enter the fresh water. I have developed some very productive ways of catching these silver bullets in fresh water. Silvers run August through November. Size range is 8 to 20 lb. with most fish 8 to 12 lb.


STEELIES-96STEELHEAD: Steelhead are in our rivers year round. The winter fish can be tough to find but when we do find them, it’s easy to get the bite. Winter steelies run November – March. The summer fish are acrobatic and hard fighters, light gear and nice weather makes for some of the best trips of the year. Summers run June – September. Size range is 6 to 14 lb. with a few in the 15 to 22 lb. range.

WALLIES-29WALLEYE: The most wiley fish in our waters, not known as real fighters, but the best eating fish. A 10 pounder will put up a head shaking battle that will surprise anyone. Double digit catches of these fish are common for the few of us that have this fishery dialed. I plan on catching the world record walleye from the Columbia soon. The fish on the left is 15.5 lb!

KINGFISHER_ADVENTURES-34MUSKIE: Awesome fish to troll, cast, or spot and stalk. We catch trophy Tiger Muskie in the 36″ to 50″ range. Thrilling, aggressive, gnarly fish and once you try this, you’ll be hooked! The Muskie on the left is 50″!



KINGFISHER_ADVENTURES-29KOKANEE: Landlocked salmon that are numerous and great eating. Combo Kokanee/Muskie trips July and August. Great trip for all ages.



SHAD-STURGEON-72TROPHY STURGEON/SHAD: Why go south to catch Marlin when we can take you out in the Columbia to catch sturgeon that fight harder than any fish you’ve ever caught? We first catch a bunch of scrappy shad, then use them for bait to hook the giant sturgeon. Size range 75 to 500 lb. Sturgeon/Shad run opens on May 16th with the great whites feeding on the shad through July. Sturgeon/Shad combo trips are exciting and exhilarating to any trophy hunter


Customer Testimonials:

I would like to offer my highest recommendations to Jerry Brown of Kingfisher Adventures.  Our company doesn’t golf, we fish!  I have sponsored numerous fishing trips for our key management, staff, & valued customers with Jerry over the years.  I can say that Jerry has expert knowledge of NW Steelhead, Salmon & Sturgeon fishing & I have personally fished with him on the Columbia, Lewis & Nehalem rivers.  He is very well organized with tackle, bait and equipment and knowledge of productive fishing methods at specific locations.  I have found him to be safe, punctual and professional on every trip.  he is an excellent teacher of people who are new to the sport.  With Jerry as our guide we won a NW Washington based fishing derby with 4 Spring Chinook, the closes runner up had 2 fish!
–Craig Hargreaves, President, Sunlight Supply, Vancouver, WA

I have fished with a lot of NW guides in my time, and will say Jerry has the cleanest, most organized boat and equipment I’ve ever seen.  He got my grandson his first steelhead, what a thrill to watch.  He took us down the Lewis & out to the Columbia on one trip and I was amazed at his boat handling skills navigating the rivers.  Waht a ride back up to his dock.  He took great care of us and worked hard to get us fish.  He makes a great BBQ burger.  I will send all my family, friends and clients with Kingfisher from now on.  I will have to say he is the best & friendliest guide I have ever been with!
–Frank Ellis, Las Vegas, NV

Great people person, I fish with Jerry at least 3 days a month, looking forward to each one.  He seems to have a knack for figuring out what it takes to keep catching fish in all conditions.  he is a hard worker and great teacher for all the clients I bring.  He’s not only a great guide but also has become a great friend!
–Don Foss, Owner, All Star Renta Fence, Rochester, WA